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Think Price, Presentation and Promotion

These three keys to selling real estate can make the difference between a home sold quickly and one that lingers on the market until expiration. Want to learn more?

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a key  Price

  • Q.  What is the single most important element in pricing a home to SELL?
  • Q.  How does the mentality - "I need room to negotiate" - or - "It can't hurt to test the market" - backfire on most sellers?
  • Q.  How do you attract TWICE as many potential buyers by pricing your home for ONE DOLLAR MORE?
  • Q.  Why should you be skeptical of the broker who says "I can sell your home for more money" ?
  • Q.   What are the indisputable reasons you should never include furnishings in your listing price?

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a key Presentation

  • Q.   What are the top 4 most cost-effective ways to increase profit when selling your property?
  • Q.   What are the 15 best things to do to help your home sell in the next 60 days?
  • Q.   Why should you almost never re-model your home before selling?
  • Q.   What can you do in order for your listing scream 'Buy Me'?
  • Q.   How can your listing have TWICE the impact?

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a key Promotion

  • Q.   What are the four most important qualities to absolutely insist upon when choosing your Realtor?
  • Q.   What are the top 7 ways to ensure the maximum number of buyers will see your listing?
  • Q.   What are the top 8 ways to maximize the number of buyers that actually walk through your door?
  • Q.   How does a full-service real estate brokerage firm give owners the very best chance of getting their property sold?
  • Q.   How does Mike Krueger sell his client's properties 68 days faster and for 2.27% more money than the average broker?"

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